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Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy

“Sri Madvirat Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy” is the Jagathguru. He wrote the Kalagnanam & Atmagnanam to enlight the people. He leads his life very simple. What every words he said in Kalagnanam in truly happening in the world and what every words said in Atmagnanam is truly enlighting the humanbeings as knowning the actual purpose of life.

The Story of Veera Brahmendra Swamy


At a time, when there were no five elements, the Trinity.. Brahma, Vishna, and Maheswara the planets like the sun and the moon, and the stars like Aswini, Vishwakarma, who was self-born, shone with five heads, Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Isana and ruled the Universe in Kritayuga. The five Brahmas Ruled the Universe, with the help of their subalerns, The Sun, Indra, Iswara, Vishnu and Brahma, during the Krita, Treta, Dwapara Yugas. With the Advent of Kaliyuga, people began to lead sinful lives and Dharma was on the Decline. Wicked people tortured the good and the pious, who raised a woeful cry to Parameswara and begged for his protection.

The Goddess of Earth, being unable to bear the burden of the sinful acts of the wicked and evil-minded people who formed the majority, went to Mahavishnu, in Vaikuntam, and sought his help. Lord Vishnu called the other four Brahmas and said to them, “O Sankara, you better be born on earth as an Ananda Bhairava Yogi, in Benares, and protect the people as their ruler. O Brahma, you had better be born on earth as the son of Vishwa Brahmana parents, Vishwathma and Mayameyi and visit sacred places in the country, under the names of “Brahmananda and Annajayya” and preach knowledge and wisdom to people. I shall be born to Paripurnacharyulu and Prakrutamba in Brahmanandapura and preach to people, bearning the names of Veerabhotliah, Veerappiah, Veera Brahmendra Swamy and Veerabrahmam, and living in three different places, with my chief residence at Anandasramam in Haripuram. Let us comply with the wishes of the Goddess of Earth.”

Veera Brahmendra Swamy There are millions of devotees, who pray to him till date… because they believe that, he is still alive in Jeeva Samadhi and protecting the world with the power of vibrations and his blessings will be there to his devotee always. He Wrote Kalagnanam in Telugu Language. Which is known as “Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam”.

“Bhahyaa Vishayamulakai, Parigetthinaavante
Yedipinchi Neepai Swaari Jesenu…
Paramaathma Vaipuna, Manasu Nilipaavante
Prakruthe Nee Paadha Seva Chesenu”

This is one of the wonderful words written by Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy in Kalagnanam.
The Actual Meaning of this peom is:

If you always think & run towards the physical parts in world (which can say like laxoury lifestyle).. The nature will through you in problem mentally & physically, finally it will make you cry in all ways… but If you always think & pray to god, lead a life by meditating supreme god heartfully… then nature will give you everything like health, wealth, name, fame, respect, peaceful life etc..

This is just 1 poem words writer of Sri Brahmangaru in among 10,000+.
The Brahmam Gari Temple is in YSR District, Andhra Pradesh. Most of the people still believe that his is still alive there in Sajeeva Samadhi. In 1984 Late Shri N.T Rama Rao makes the movie on Brahmamgaru with the name as “Sri Madvirat Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy Charitra”.. which is released on 1984 and remains with the sensational Hit Movie.

Here we “Vishwagna” Providing you the Videos. Just Watch an Enjoy.